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Literacy Can’t Wait

Almost 2 out of every 3 students
in the U.S. cannot read at grade level

The literacy crisis is at alarming levels. Only around one-third of U.S. students can read proficiently. Without quick action, these students go on to have lasting struggles with literacy, stunting their opportunities for success and contributions in both their professional and private life. There is good news, though — the crisis is preventable.

 Teachers need access to training that works to help students overcome reading gaps and reach grade level, if not above it. Structured literacy based on the science of reading can ensure that every student learns to read, regardless of their starting point.

Your donation to the IMSE Foundation goes toward training a teacher in this proven method.

Leaders in Literacy

IMSE’s approach based in the science of reading is boosting literacy levels in schools all over the country. Teachers choose approaches based in the science of reading because it works. Schools and policymakers choose to follow the science of reading because it works. Educators partner with IMSE because they know this explicit approach to teaching reading is where they can make a real difference for students.

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Teachers have chosen IMSE live virtual trainings since 2020.
More Than
$ 0 M
received in state grant funding.
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teachers trained with state grant funding.
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IMSE-certified educators

IMSE’s evidence-based curriculum gives learners in all instructional tiers the structure and tools they need to increase their reading proficiency.

0 %
0 %
1st Grade

Cucamonga Local School District, CA

Kindergarten: From 25% reading at or above grade level to 50%
1st Grade: From 34% reading at or above grade level to 51%
2 -3X
Score Increase
For 6th Grade

Washington Local School District, OH

Doubled or tripled scores on
the DIBELS assessment
0 %
Average Increase

Independent School District 318,

Average rise in reading proficiency
for K-5
0 %

Mountain Mahogany Community School,

Improvement on state assessments
over 4 years

Every donation to the IMSE Foundation is a step toward literacy for all.

Your Help Is Crucial.

Teachers often face financial barriers that can keep them from getting the training they need to advance literacy. The IMSE Foundation scholarship program is an evidence-based answer that will put the ability to read within reach for every student. By donating to the IMSE Foundation, you make a stand. You equip teachers with a trusted, effective reading solution that can reverse the literacy crisis. And you ensure that today’s classrooms prepare students to thrive tomorrow.

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Literacy can’t wait. Help us end the reading crisis now.

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